Year end thank you

Last month it all came flooding back to me – why I do the work that I do.

I gave a GBOP presentation to a small group of youngsters in Mount Vernon. They were all from a neighborhood that gets special attention from an amazing man – Jon Gerondale. He’s the Neighborhood Resource Officer for Mount Vernon Police in Kulshan Creek and he’s worked tirelessly to being inspiring outdoor experiences to these children. Much of his work in is collaboration with North Cascades Institute (Lee Whitford), and the US Forest Service (Don Gay). Each of these people has invested time and energy into this great group of young people.

I’d had a long, tiring day by the time I arrived at the presentation venue in Kulshan Creek, but the kids re-energized me in a big way! Thank you to you all for giving me the opportunity to bring the wonder of bears to you, and for all your great “thank you” messages! Look out for bears in 2009, and of course let us know if you come across a grizzly!

Chris Morgan
Director, GBOP