Remote camera captures this beautiful photo of a North Cascades Grizzly Bear

Just 15 miles north of the border between Washington and Canada this photo of a North Cascades Grizzly Bear was captured in the Manning Provincial Park. This is just a mere 2 to 3 hour walk for the bear from Washington State, making it the closest confirmed sighting of a North Cascades Grizzly Bear in years.

Grizzly bears have a home range of 50-300 square miles for females and 200-500 for males. They are a barometer of an ecosystem’s health and due to their large home range, protection of sufficient habitat for grizzly bears will benefit a countless number of other species in the Cascades. Grizzly bears have lived in the North Cascades for thousands of years and they play an important ecological role in their natural environment. This photo is good news for bears, which means it’s also good news for people!