PBS Nature – Bears of the Last Frontier

Bears of the Last Frontier is a three-part series about Alaska’s grizzly, black and polar bears that aired on PBS Nature in May of 2011. The three episodes were created by Chris Morgan, co-Director of Grizzly Bear Outreach Project, and award-winning filmmaker, Joe Ponticorvo. Production of the series took two years, during which time Chris and Joe spent months in the wild backcountry of Alaska. They captured unbelievable footage that gets your heart racing, whether from the stunning Alaskan scenery or seeing the amazing power of wild bears.

You can stream the complete episodes for free from the PBS Nature website:

Hour 1 – City of Bears

Hour 2 – The Road North

Hour 3 – Arctic Wanderers

Bears of the Last Frontier Preview – Interview with Chris Morgan – 2:22

In this interview, Chris Morgan explains why he and Joe created this series and the impact they hope it will have on bear conservation.

Bears of the Last Frontier Preview – The Manhattan of Bear Country- 1:09

Find out what makes the Alaska Peninsula a unique location for the study of grizzly bears. There is no other place on earth with the concentration of bears and other conditions that allow this type of observation.