New Bear Safety Information – Yellowstone National Park

Safe travels in bear country begin before you get on the trail. Learning about bears before you go to the park can help you avoid a confrontation. Read about bear spray and what to do if you encounter a bear. When you arrive at the park, check at the nearest backcountry office or visitor center. The link below has information to help visitors travel safely in bear country. 

The information on this site can be applied in other regions that have grizzly bears, including Idaho, Washington and Montana. Know before you go!

One thought on “New Bear Safety Information – Yellowstone National Park

  1. Thank you for alerting me to bear spray! I’ll get some tomorrow at Mountain Outfitters. The north Georgia mountain cabin I purchased under deadline turns out to be a mix of rental cabins and 2nd homes. The neighbors who urge me, with genuine concern, to “Please be careful!” are the very ones emptying buckets of apples–or planting apple trees–at their cabins. They enjoy watching the bears from their hot tubs. Meantime, I have to walk my husky on leash four times daily–and the days aren’t getting any longer. From a visit to wolf country near Great Slave Lake, I know to sing or speak as we walk the gravel roads–and I’ve put a bunch of pebbles in a soft-drink can. I will not run (she said confidently!) but I am glad to learn about a deterrent in addition to waving my jacket and yelling “SHOO!” at the top of my lungs.

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