Find Bearylicious Specials at Local Businesses Near You!

It is now surely spring. The tulip fields have come and gone. Hummingbirds buzz about. Campgrounds will soon open their gates to hoards of visitors. And, you guessed it! Bears are emerging from their winter dens to seek berries and roots and to quench their months of hunger.

What a great time to officially designate as Bear Awareness Week!

In an effort to reach a wider audience of people with a bear-safety message, we are asking local businesses to participate in Bear Awareness Week by choosing a bear-themed special and featuring it during the week of May 16th through 22nd. We then provide the businesses with brochures and posters in order to help them spread bear-safety tips.

Check out some creative ideas these supporting businesses will be featuring during the week:

Photo: David Robson/Robson Barista

Annie’s Pizza, Concrete: Baby Bear, Mama Bear and Grizzly Bear sizes on all their pizzas for the week
The Black Drop Coffee House, Bellingham: A HoneyBear Latte
Nimbus Restaurant, Bellingham: A Huckle’beary’ Martini
Birdsview Brewery, Birdsview: A Grizzly Ale

Are you a business owner? Would you like to support Bear Awareness Week by featuring a fun bear-themed special at your business? If so, please contact Rose Oliver to request bear-safety brochures and/or posters. In return we will gladly promote your business.