Farmer’s Market season in full swing

Twisp Washington has a vibrant farmer’s market every Saturday from 9am till noon. Lots of local crafts and produce. Many local residents, vacation home owners and tourists attend.

It’s a great place to talk to a cross section of folks about bears. Believe me, everyone has a bear story and you get to hear them all.

This family was no exception. They had many questions about black bears and grizzlies in the Methow Valley area.

Just about everyone wanted to compare the size of their hand to the casting of the grizzly track. Impressed they were.

The tip of the day came from a Native American couple who lived in a village near St. Mary’s in the Yukon territory. They literally grew up with grizzly bears as neighbors. “Never set up camp on old grizzly tracks. Only set up camp on fresh grizzly tracks.”

Can you think why?