Coming Wednesday, July 18, 8 pm, Part 2 of the Chris Morgan Odyssey, “Bears of the Last Frontier”

Part 2 of 3 of  “Bears of the Last Frontier” on PBS Nature will air this coming Wednesday evening, July 18 on KCTS 9 at 8 PM.

Bear ecologist Chris Morgan, the Grizzly Bear Outreach Project’s founder, takes a look at black bears in the Anchorage area, where some ursines have become so used to their human neighbors that they’ve taken to living on a golf course.  Chris Morgan’s odyssey then takes him north to Denali National Park. You won’t want to miss this second part of the three-part series. 

Washington State also has a significant black bear population. The Grizzly Bear Outreach Project provides science-based information on  bear behavior and biology as well as how to live and recreate in bear country so that both humans and bears stay safe. Check out the rest of our website for advice and tips before you adventure out  to Washington  parks, campgrounds and trails this summer! Spotting and observing wildlife is an exciting experience, but when watching bears always maintain a safe distance. Binoculars and spotting scopes are great tools for observing bears. On a recent trip to Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park, my husband and I spotted a total of three black bears feeding in separate areas. Our binoculars gave us a good view of the bears 1/2 mile away across a valley. We were able to enjoy and watch them safely without disturbing their feeding behavior as they foraged for their favorite plants in the verdant, only recently snow-free meadows of Hurricane Ridge.