Good News for Grizzly Bears in the Selkirk Recovery Area

Great News for Grizzly Bear Recovery. Vital Ground sent a press release out January 6th with the good news. The project is important for grizzly bears because it provides critical habitat during winter months when their food at higher elevation is covered with snow. Below is a brief description of the property. If you want to learn more about this effort see the link below. Thank you to all who played an important role in this project.

” Located just west of Priest Lake, Bismark Meadows and is an 1,100-acre complex of meadows and wetlands that features a dramatic array of rare flora and fauna. It supports several endangered plant species and provides habitat for moose, elk, deer, black bear, westslope cutthroat trout, and eagles, as well as the threatened Selkirk Mountains grizzly population. The project area lies within the Selkirk Grizzly Bear Recovery Zone delineated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.”

Read more about the acquisition and learn why this acquisition is so important to bears and other wildlife.