Ryan Zinke is Right: Restore Grizzly Bears to the North Cascades

Photo of NW grizzly bears, B.C. courtesy of Lorna and Darrell Smith, WWO   Guest Editorial by Joe Scott,  first published in the Seattle Times on April 24th, 2018 reprinted with his permission. Joe Scott has worked on grizzly-bear conservation in Washington …

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Keeping Your Dog Safe in Wolf Country

Keeping Your Dog Safe In Wolf Country

Carry Bear Spray and Know How to Use It!


Wolves Were Once Our Partners

Wednesday, October 11, 2017 Reprinted with permission of Rick Lamplugh, Author,  In the Temple of the Wolves and Deep into Yellowstone: A Year’s Immersion in Grandeur and Controversy Wolves helped Homo sapiens outcompete Neanderthals As wolves are slaughtered in Oregon and …

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Nature’s Own (Protecting Your Horse and Other Domestic Animals from Predators)

Image result for horse and cougar

  AUDREY PAVIA Reprinted from NOV 29, 2011 Stable Management https://stablemanagement.com/articles/natures-own                Imagine living in a world of ferocious saber-toothed cats and huge dire wolves, always on the lookout for prey. The ancestors of today’s horses had …

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Turning Fear of Wildlife into Something Positive

Reprinted from THE FREE PRESS PHIL MCLACHLAN Fri Jun 16th, 2017 Editors Note: Western Wildlife Outreach has long been warning mountain bike enthusiasts about the need for caution when riding back country trails in bear and/or cougar country. The “need …

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Pacific NW Author, Naturalist, and Poet Tim McNulty Comments on Grizzly Bear Restoration

Author and Naturalist, Tim McNulty shares the comments he submitted in favor of Grizzly Bear Recovery in the North Cascades February 24, 2014 Thanks for this opportunity to comment on your Draft Grizzly Bear Restoration Plan for the North Cascades …

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Comment Period Extended for the North Cascades Grizzly Restoration Plan DEIS until April 28

BREAKING NEWS! If you haven’t yet submitted your comments, there is still time! Public comment period open through April 28, 2017 North Cascades Ecosystem Grizzly Bear Restoration Plan/Environmental Impact Statement Comment Period Extended on Proposed Alternatives for North Cascades Grizzly …

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Elk Hoof Rot: Could Healthy Predator Populations Help?


Chronic wasting disease and hoof rot are two fatal diseases plaguing ungulate populations across the continent.  At least one study suggests that wolves may play an important role in helping to control against disease propagation in their selected prey species.  …

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Grizzly Bear Captured, Collared in Washington!


From: Cabinet-Yaak and Selkirk Mountains Grizzly Bear Ecosystems Update 10/3/2016 Wayne Kasworm,US Fish and Wildlife Service,385 Fish Hatchery Road, Libby, MT 59923 (406) 293-4161 ext 205 wayne_kasworm@fws.gov http://www.fws.gov/mountain-prairie/species/mammals/grizzly/cabinetarchive.html Selkirk Mountains Research Captures For the first time in more than 30 …

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