Grizzly Bear Outreach Project

The purpose of the Grizzly Bear Outreach Project is to promote an accurate understanding of grizzly bears and their recovery in the North Cascades and Selkirk Ecosystems through community outreach, education and involvement.  We have field representatives in the North Cascades near Marblemount, in Wenatchee, in the Okanogan and near the Selkirk recovery area who work with local communities and community leaders, neighborhoods, schools, and businesses to further awareness of grizzly bear populations, habitat requirements and behaviors.  Lethal removal of  “problem” bears remains a main cause of grizzly mortality in the Selkirk population, and safe food management can reduce or even eliminate this loss.

We produce, attractive, information-rich brochures and posters which we distribute at dozens of events each year, as well as through  resource agency offices and agency personnel. We provide tools and guidance on grizzly bear identification,  and encourage reporting of potential grizzly bear sightings or grizzly bear signs. Through our “Bear Aware” programs we partner with other agencies and NGOs to institute bear safe food handling, storage and disposal.  Our Bear Trunk with skulls, teeth, claws and hides is a favorite prop with elementary age students.