WWO Programs and Services

WWO Programs:

Western Wildlife Outreach offers the following programs to clubs, conservation and sporting groups, community groups, schools, and for elected officials. All programs are interactive and have a PowerPoint/Video component. Programs can be tailored to meet the needs of particular audiences.  There is an honorarium request of $100 per event to cover travel and time.  Any of the materials below can be included for audience distribution during the program for a small additional fee.:

Bear Safe Camping and Hiking

Coexisting with Large Carnivores

Wildlife Wise Communities

Ecology, Biology and Behavior of Large Carnivores

Coyotes in the Neighborhood

Grizzly Bear Recovery

Gray Wolf Recovery

Living with Livestock and Wolves


WWO Services:

Having problems with wildlife in your neighborhood?  Bears, cougars or coyotes venturing too close for comfort?  Almost all such encounters are due to attractants in the form of food that these animals are seeking out–unsecured garbage cans,  ill-maintained compost piles, pet and livestock food….WWO staff will make a visit to your community and help you develop a plan to create a Wildlife Wise Community and minimize those attractants that might be causing the problem.  Contact us at 360-344-2008.

Minimum fee:  $50.00

(Currently available in Washington State only).