Bear Awareness Week – May 20-26, 2012

Bear Fact of the Day

Grizzly bears are not territorial. They do not stake out and defend a well-defined area, but follow food availability. A food source that is rich in early spring often fizzles out by late spring, causing bears to move to other food sources. As a result, home ranges generally change from year to year. For more fun facts, click here.

Welcome and thank you for taking time to learn about grizzly and black bears! This year, Governor Gregoire declared May 20-26 “Bear Awareness Week” The week not only celebrates our state’s bear heritage, but it’s also an opportunity learn more about these wild creatures and how to live alongside them.

This page is filled with fascinating and sometimes little-known facts about Washington state’s two bear species. For example, did you know that, during their winter sleep, grizzlies’ heart rate drops from 98 beats per minute to about 8-10 beats per minute? Each day during Bear Awareness Week, we’ll post an interesting new “Bear Fact of the Day.”  So check back regularly.

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Governor’s Proclamation & GBOP Release: Spreading the Word!

For the forth consecutive year, Governor Gregoire has officially established Bear Awareness Week here in Washington. Our thanks to the Governor for helping to spread the word about the importance of understanding bears. To enlarge, read, and/or print the official declaration, click on the image.

GBOP also issued its own press release about BAW.

Test Your Knowledge

Grizzly bear photo by Chris Morgan

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Participating Businesses

Black bear cub photo by Chris Weston

Annie’s Pizza, Concrete
Birdsview Brewery, Birdsview
Grahams Store, Glacier
Harvest Moon Bakery, Maple Falls
The Marblemount Drive-In
Nooksack Brewery, Demin


Bear Safety Brochure Living with Bears in Washington State
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